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Laveau - -r-n -r-n -r-n -r-n i ttt nv TRWIS HEHY LAYEJW....
-r-n -r-n -r-n -r-n i ttt nv TRWIS HEHY LAYEJW. tint bat lad!, ' nevertheless-owing nevertheless-owing nevertheless-owing to wrse- wrse- 5ffjasrPa. with L.pu' w STewale. to U . nJ" fJSf Mor several deyvhad even omitted to taKe eufflolent SS&Smt. f & j". summoned, "2. ru add pro lone SS5m inffM"! (unotloMldMUMinmt of the etnmacb-medlete etnmacb-medlete etnmacb-medlete treatment, bat on fto Sondey evening nu of -wded -wded to remed ate treatment, om on mo i '" r SSoebtrMWr came on, and oontlnned throughout t night. 2S2xoMilwpiin ibesuflerer became oocaelonally 4elflo. t$ stffl nS"lit elf cooMioumw. of himself, ai of hi. let. i&JS . S tnvmttr Im.gtned himself bo n4uoUnj "Srn.lcr force. Toward! mowing be milled a Utile, end Zht an boor before hie eath row from hie bea ana ex erei n.;.r..u. in . ,.wml' shortlr ifterwerde whet SliSned. favourable eymptom took place, end "? Srf KIT w hi. ..ft-.rtr.-ie ..ft-.rtr.-ie ..ft-.rtr.-ie ..ft-.rtr.-ie ..ft-.rtr.-ie hid been so aoute, end bis nervoue TnUnYnt so completely .xbaneted. that nature auooaabed, and ' P. iiiiad bis laat about eleven o'clock. - . ii. Laveau wen the n of the well-known well-known well-known puouener oi music Mr.!""" - .iwm in wwnrilitroet. Fortmen- Fortmen- X.Xwidow vras .nbwtnently married fto Mori, ttj 2SitlNlclllt. By Mori tbo lamented nkjeet of tble. notloe wultuar yigepuwo in me norai Aonuomj y .i..? nedu 'the uiteti i of tuition carried out to that admirable ostltu-Sot," ostltu-Sot," ostltu-Sot," e soon "ldenM M to P''" ? SfVS Si dWneart. His abilities aa a eompoaer were displayed when JSJ a mere In hie opera of Loret Unperformed S the 61. Jamea'-Theetf. Jamea'-Theetf. Jamea'-Theetf. with considerable eueces., lij he beld dlplomao a profeeur of violoncello, plonrj-tertfc plonrj-tertfc plonrj-tertfc mi foreompwlllon. Mr. Laeenu waa very felloltous in his ffl eompoiltlonV omongslvrblob. ' By the Banks of Qn.dal-S Qn.dal-S Qn.dal-S "and the popular " Molly Artbore," atand pre-eminent pre-eminent pre-eminent In dm of fatiur with which they hare keen revjnd by the Ztoi public. He waa the arat man who brought Ltamhe iinl.oliL 'rom RatlnboD, in Germany: and waa at one time Snneed by Biel as murlcal conductor thri trough the Engliih 5K8 during the toari of Grlsi, Mario, and $ni Mib SneoUy he u eoffBRod as musical oooduotor to Ml Catherlno Stm. nd travellfd with her at auoh during that fflW profewtonal vlMtn to the TJnltod Stat, Califorola, Au-irdik Au-irdik Au-irdik and Iodla ; and we. think the jaatloe of our twirl will mrulT be quefllloned when wo atato that muoh of mat lady'; Moow maybe attributed to the valuable aaaiatanoe ebe derived fremMr. tavcnu In all mattera oonlieoted with the orcheitral dniitaent. In that braneh of his profeasioa he undoubtedly naked very high; hie praoiioe as a vleloioolliat in theoroboatra oPthe AMdemy, under Lindley, having no doubt ontrlbuted muoh to tho iwouireinent of that ready tait and rtill which he ditpUyed In thle diffl-wlt diffl-wlt diffl-wlt bran-h bran-h bran-h of the ra wioal art. He waa alao a good pianist, his Sill in that respect being chiefly confined to the unobtrusive but delicate end difficult, dutiea of an aooompanylrt. His love of sisle was very inwnte, and hta thorough knowledge of all lta braaobes maybo Inferred tram the fat that he arranged the eoore and adaoted the opera of II Trovatore for a full oreheatral repre-nlaUon, repre-nlaUon, repre-nlaUon, from a pianoforte eepy. Up to the time of his UlneM be wMbMlly engaged Inarranginr the operas of Rlgoletto, Tra-viata. Tra-viata. Tra-viata. and Ernanl ; the More of the last named opera having been fully eoaapleua by Mm for representation. It Is a somewhat sin-calar sin-calar sin-calar faot that many great musicians have, ahoitly before death, compowd some moornfol strains with whioh their dcparltiio from tbls world Is aetoeUted, and this baa been felt by many who have, ainee Mr. Uvenu's death, llitened to one portion of the overture toTrovalor,eonipo8fd by that gentleman but a Tory abort time before bis decease. In this a wild and plaintive molody is somewhat somewhat sbraptly Intro'lnced, wholly disconnected with the rest' of tbemuiioof the opera, but from henceforth consecrated to hla iseniorye Mr. Larenn's abilities as a musician were of the highest order, and in the many musloal entertainments aver which it had been bis lot to preside he was eminently saooeuf ol ; and hla death la a ttrioui loss to the musical portion of this community, by hftra hli talent have been annrechtad and acknowledged. He was muoh esteemed by hla professional friends (many of whom watched over him daring his last hours), for his kindliaeae of tuner and the urUanltT which alwava characterised his Inter- Inter- worse with them. At the period of Ur. Lavenu'a death, he was, ve believe, eomewbere about forty-one forty-one forty-one years of age. The burial of tbedeceated took place on the and instant, and was very geperally attended by all olassesof the community. Since the melancholy cortege, witnessed by hundreds, after tho ttWitoui wreok of tho Dunbar, few larger funorala more nume-rotuly nume-rotuly nume-rotuly followed or more universally observed- observed- have passed larougn WO Birccut ui utu tuiy. . ojjouuuii nun mo biuco i w, road everywhere, and nearly all the professional artists and musical amfteora of Sydney and its vioinltr assembled to assistatthe obsequies obsequies of one whose death waa a subject of auoh unfeiffned regret. The procetilon left Horbury-terraoe Horbury-terraoe Horbury-terraoe at half-past half-past half-past i p.m., and msved slowly toward! Christ Church, where the first part of the funeral service waa to be read. A ooBslderable number of carriages fnllnvM tie kturse. fionTevlaa-. fionTevlaa-. fionTevlaa-. aa mourners, the lessees of the Sydney theatres, the Optra company, and artists of the orchestra ana suge ot ooio ineaires, personal ineaas oi uw amiNu. mtuijr ntnntwn of the feitlval committee, and, membera of the Philhar monic and Vocal Harmonic Societies. . In front of the line of pro-Mulon pro-Mulon pro-Mulon the band of the Roval ArtUlerv marched (at their own request), playing the grand and sole musle ouBtomaryon such ceeuioas. Arrived at the shuroh, the appropriate portion of the service service was read by the Rev. Canon Walsh, the two psalms appointed by fee rubric being chanted by the choir. The eaorod edifice wu denaelv crowded with aoeotators In averr Dart bo much so. that it was with some difficulty that order was preserved. Many kuireda were unable to obtain admittance. From Christ Church the foneral train moved on again to the eemetery at Camperdown, hers It wae met by the Principal ef the Sydaey University, the lev. Dr. Woelley, by whom the last prayers beside the grave were read; two well-known well-known well-known and beautiful passage from Handel's "Messiah" being sung at the conclusion. He lies buried n few feet only from the tomb of the Chevalier Boohaa an honourable and annronrlate restinar-nlaoe. restinar-nlaoe. restinar-nlaoe. Out of respect to the deceased, many of tho shops were eloaed at the funeral passed ; the Prince of Wales also waa shut up tba; evening, and many other marks of publlo sympathy and sorrow were shown at the loss of one with whom so many thousands had Wtvuntt familiarized, and who raar. -without -without offeaoe. be said to hire worn himself out in their service. ' A committee, formed of nnmeious professional gentlemen and friends of the deceased, nude prompt arrangements for a benefit at both the Prince of Wales and Victoria Theatres an honourable and generous rivalry being shown at both places on behalf of the wldojr and children ef Hr. Lavenu. now understood to be residing in England, England, It Is stated that it was one or Lavenu' s last plans to do that which bas, by the decree of Vrorldenoe, been left to be done by those who havs survived him ; and liberally Indeed has the call been responded to in a manner highly oreditable to all parties concerned IHIXAR-Jttly l&KiTS-JuIr HAAf-iulr uSSSfSSi me wiie hmat. HOBBiS-July Daniel MOBBIB-July OAKE&nli PALMER Oaltea, PAtJB-July PAtJB-July PINNOCK-Joly PLUMMER PBE8C0TT Bu.aei-atreet, Bu.aei-atreet, PRIEBTLY-July BEN w A Watres. EOBSON-Auinirt BOBBRTON ROBINSON-Angnatllth Oook -a -a BOTHWELL Jnraee SHAW-July SHAW-July it i SHEPHERD SftoilE-At BMALL SOUTH SHORT-July24tb, SHORT-July24tb, SaiTH-Jnly SaiTH-Jnly SrCK hunt, TERRY TURNER Charles WILSMS-AuSuot W. tt-Jt tt-Jt tt-Jt ow WISE Kiiwam WOOLLER Mrs. WYNDHAM daugnter. . - ntfn niKnAT- BARKER f!hnrah. Point, of the BEAN Dr. to Mary Kfilfinl. BULLEY Bt. New U T..A- BIGGB John's England, James CAMPBELL the r .I,., . Robert CORDIAL John daugnter m aptw the , Clapin, Law-Mnnn CURRY John TaAVfflnv more eldest or tue DHANI8 Patriok n. 'MDREAT-ioni'MUw KEWTOX-Jalyetli.

Clipped from
  1. The Sydney Morning Herald,
  2. 13 Aug 1859, Sat,
  3. Page 9

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